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At Ascot Diet Clinic our aim is to assist overweight people to lose weight safely with the use of our natural products and fat burning homeopathic injections at our various clinics run by professional doctors, nursing sisters and pharmacists. We will prescribe different medicine at different stages of your diet, correct and easy eating plans and maintenance of a balanced lifestyle.

Anybody can achieve weight loss successfully and permanently by adhering to a few simple rules. Most Important rule: Do not think of it as a Diet plan. There is only one way to ensure weight loss and that is to take in less kilojoules than your body needs for the day to function. That way you force the body to use your fat for energy. If you eat the same amount of kilojoules than your body needs your weight will stay the same. Anything you eat more than your body needs, the body will store as fat that is the only way to gain weight (to eat more than your body requires). NO hormones can make you gain weight, because it contains no energy value. It does sometimes increase your appetite, but it is up to you to control it. Do not blame anything but yourself if you gain weight.

Our diet plans are worked out to the right amount of kilojoules to lose weight. The better you stick to our diet plan program, the quicker you will lose weight. Commitment and self-discipline is the key. Our success stories go as far as England, Denmark, Dubai and Australia.