So, you've made a few substantial changes to your diet, but that doesn't mean that you have to also sacrifice the joy of a night of no cooking. There are plenty of healthy restaurants all over South Africa that cater for all sorts of dietary requirements and food allergies, and they are just as delish as the ones you used to frequent.

No longer do you just have to select the most boring item on the menu without and extras, toppings, sauces or sides, but you get amazing meals created especially for you. Most places actually cater for a huge variety of food needs, so when in doubt, just ask. Here are our top picks of healthy restaurants where you'll find sugar, dairy and gluten-free options…

so we have a few recommendations for how to eat well in our neck of the woods as well as beyond. South Africa is an exciting melting pot of people and cuisines, from old-school, classic restaurants and brasseries to new ventures, supper clubs and pop-ups. It's great to see that cold-pressed juices, raw, vegan and vegetarian cafes and bars are making a big impact on the South African food scene, as well as the 'nose to tail' restaurants which champion wholefoods and provenance. We think it makes for a perfect blend.

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