About Ascot Diet Pharmacy

About Ascot Diet Pharmacy

Founded in 2000 by Pharmacist Paul van den Berg

Confronted with changes in retail Pharmacy, he developed his own slimming program, using injections together with different medicines and slimming techniques. Today the Ascot Diet Clinic program is well known, with clinics in South Africa and Mozambique. They also have clients in Australia, England, Dubai and Zimbabwe.

20 Years Experience - Ascot Diet Clinic has revolutionized the weight loss industry with hands on approach to weight loss. Its not only about a diet but it's a lifestyle change that is completely manageable through the Ascot diet plan team.

No exercise required - A diet plan that includes injections to speed up metabolism, appetite suppressants and a well-balanced nutritional eating plan is the cornerstone of the Ascot Diet plan. A one on one weekly appointment with our Ascot Diet Clinic team not only helps with maintaining your diet but also allows for weekly weigh-ins and gives you the necessary support as you undergo this life altering change. The Ascot Diet plan is so innovative that little to no exercise is needed but participation in an activity is always encouraged.

Fits perfectly into your lifestyle - The Ascot diet plan fits perfectly into your lifestyle no matter how complicated your lifestyle is. Execise always helps, but as we get older you need more than just exercise. Also not everyone can maintain a lifetime exercise program due to illness or injuries. We can help. Call one of our clinics today and we will explain how we can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.